APPs Reforestation Program

Usina Batatais and Usina Lins Reforestation Program has completed, since the beginning of 2012, the planting of 1,6 million tree seedlings on river spring water and banks on farms that the company uses for sugarcane cultivation, including the own and partnership areas. These regions are considered (APPs) Permanent Preservation Areas and they are protected by law, even as a necessity of human life preservation.

The initiative has as partner the Agricultural Superior School " Luiz de Queiroz" (Esalq/USP) and projects reforestation of 1,120 hectares in Batatais (SP) region up to 2016. In Lins (SP) region, there will be more than 1,200 hectare up to 2020. These two areas that will be recovered have the equivalence of 3,300 football pitch.  

Esalq monitors the project, indicating the most adaptable species and the way the trees will be planted. The technical assistance of the reforested areas is provided by the company and Esalq university technicians.

Out of 200 thousand tree seedlings yearly planted in Batatais, 150 come from own tree seed-plot and 50 thousand are bought from a municipality charity institution. In Lins, the 200 thousand tree seedlings yearly planted are acquired. Both companies have the support of the farm owners in the reforested areas, which help to avoid the tree seedling mortality. 



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