Qualities and Certifications

  • Management policy

    The Usina Batatais, located in the northeast region of São Paulo State, produces Crystal Sugar and Ethanol through sugarcane as raw material, seeking excellence and continuous improvement of its processes and products, and assuming the commitment of:

    Meet the needs and expectations of customers by developing quality products and consumer health insurance.

    Conduct business in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner in all business activities and relationships.

    Preventive action against potential environmental risks, adopting the best technologies to prevent pollution and control significant environmental aspects.

    Keep workplaces healthy and safe to prevent injuries and illnesses of workers and partners.

    Comply with relevant laws and other requirements applicable to processes, products and services.

    Stimulate technological innovation through continuous training of all workers.

    Promote communication effectively, internally and throughout the production chain.

    Improve the relationship with all employees, suppliers and other stakeholders, encouraging them to develop social and environmental responsibility.

    Value people by promoting management practices that enhance competencies, recognize individual and collective results, and strengthen the workforce's commitment to corporate goals and objectives.

  • Food safety

    ° Meet the requirements for customers, legal, regulatory and statutory, applied to food safety;

    ° Offer products free of contamination to our customers;

    ° Effectively promote internal, and along the supply chain, communication, with respect to food safety aspects applied in our products.

    Specifications sugar

  • Environment

    ° Adopt an environmental management system to monitor and evaluate environmental impacts, continually seeking the preservation of the environment.

  • Safety

    ° Meet the legal and regulatory requirements applied in the organization as a mechanism to prevent accidents.

  • Implemented programs

    5 s

    The 5 s program is considered a basis for quality management system. It's a set of five simple concepts that are able to change the workplace, the way of conduct routine activities and attitudes. The 5s program was developed in japan, being the term 5s originated from five japanese words, all starting with the letter "s". This program intended to develop standards for disposal, organization, cleaning, standardization and discipline, required to perform a job with quality.

  • Good manufacturing practices

    Good manufacturing practice is composed of a set of principles and rules for the correct handling of food that extends from raw material to the final product, beingthe main purpose of the program, to ensure the integrity of the food and health the consumer.

    The rules that establish the good manufacturing practices involves fundamental requirements going from the instalations of industry, passing by strict rules of personal hygiene and cleaning the workplace, and by the procedures description of the product process.


    HCCPA (hazard and critical control points analysis) - is a food safety system based on prevention. It provides a systematic method for the analysis of the processes of manufacturing and handling food, determining potential hazards and noting the critical control points required preventing that an insecure food arrives to the consumer.

  • Certification ABNT NBR ISO 22000

    The batatais unit is ABNT NBR ISO 22000 certified since 2012.

    This certification specifies requirements for a safety management system of food , which an organization in food supply chain needs to show the ability to control the dangersand ensure that the food is safe at the time of the human consumption.

    This norm shows that the company has in its supply chain, that is, from the crop (sugarcane) to the final consumer, all the information on raw materials, supplies, any material or process that is part of or that has influence at any stage of the production chain. Based on these data it is possible to have a full tracking of the final product (sugar), being able to identify and manage the possible risks and hazards of contamination in a production process. The iso 22000 certification brings to the client the security to be consuming a safe and quality product.

  • Certified FSSC 22000

    In the month of november 2013 the batatais unit was recommended to FSSC certification - food safety certification system 22000. This norm is currently the more completed one focused on food safety, because cover the iso 22000 standards, and other technical specifications of PRSP pre-requirements program (iso ts 22002-1 and pas 223).

    FSSC 22000 is recognized by the global food security initiative (gfsi). This allows the organization to use the standard FSSC 22000 to meet global retailers requirements of several major brands using one safety management food system internationally recognized.

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