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It is with sustainable practices that Usina Batatais stands out in the bioenergy market, with ethanol and sugar production. Investments in management and technology provide 95% of mechanized planting and harvesting, a level way above the sector´s average. With a staff over 2 (two) thousand professionals, the company is a great employment generator for Batatais community (SP), where it is located. Its activities also drive the socio-economic development of the region.

The company has also invested in a subsidiary in São Paulo State, Usina Lins, situated in the city of same name. In that unity, the planting and harvesting are 100% mechanized and its production is designated to the ethanol production only.

For the challenge of improving year by year its production, the company counts on its cooperators, who are constantly updated and prepared to follow the sector transformation. In addition to professional capacity courses and actions that aim the well-being in the working environment and the life quality, the employees receive a wide benefit plan.


Usina Batatais goal in the bioenergy market is to constantly search for improvements in the quality of its productive processes, the excellence of its staff and the implantation of environmental and social actions. Founded on 1st March 1985, under denomination of Destilaria Batatais Ltda., the plant was acquired soon later, on 31st July same year, by the shareholders of Usina da Pedra, through the company Serrana Agropecuária S/A.

The shareholders, Bernardo Biagi and Lourenço Biagi, have taken over the company´s control in 1991. It was on 29th May 1992 that the social denomination was changed to Usina Batatais, name by which has become well-known around the region.

In the beginning, the company only produced ethanol, however from the harvest 93/94 it also started the production of sugar, with an initial production of 901,301 sugar bags of 50kg. In the following years, Usina Batatais made big investments in its agricultural and industrial production, which provided an extension in its farming area of sugarcane as well as the acquisition of new machinery and equipment for its operation.To follow the new scenario of the sector and its vocation in investing in professional qualification, the company keeps few groups in the manual operation, then having 95% of mechanized planting and harvesting.

On 10th March 2007, the first Usina Batatais subsidiary was launched in the city of Lins (SP). The company designated its entire crop, 100% mechanized, to ethanol and sugar production.

On March 1, 2020, the spin-off with corporate restructuring of the Batatais and Lins plants was carried out. Currently, the control and management of the Usina Batatais is under the administration of President Bernardo Biagi.


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